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Precision Farming

Precision farming is a technology and information based system used to manage farm inputs and to identify, analyze, and manage spatial and temporal variability in all aspects of agricultural production system within field to maximize sustainability, profitability, and environment safety.

Farming is becoming more scientific, with remote, GPS and data analytics all being added to farming equipment . Many of the farmers are coming forward to engage in new technologies for more productivity, profitability, etc. Precision farming basically refers to the "Less Resources More Profit." Factors like soil, vegetation, temperature, humidity, rain are most important. Variation in these factors plays a vital role for the growth of crop or destruction of a crop. So, This can be an obstacle. Farmers are well aware of this obstruction but they lack in adopting tools and techniques by which they can have real time precision.

Ways of getting precision farming:-

● Crop health monitoring

● Crop calendar

● Geofencing

● Disease detection system

● Autopilot mission

● Fire alert system

● Pesticide sprayer

Benefits of precision farming

● Less resources more profit :- In precision farming, farmers use only required amount of resources like pesticides, fertilizers, etc. So that there is no wastage of resources and quality also remains good due to proper measurements and we can earn more profit.

● Real time data :- In precision farming, we get data of each and every second with more accuracy in real world.

● Get updates of every action:- Updates of every actions are sent to the farmers.

● Track Crop:-Track your crops by knowing when to sow, when to ripe, when to spray

● Save time and cost:- By automatic feature, drone can do most of the task itself. Helps in detection of what amount of resources are required.

● Provide better information:-Manual calculation and collection of may contain some errors.But here we get accurate data.

Precision farming includes use of less resources and results in good crop. No wastage of pesticides and fertilizers, pre-mature monitoring of crop's health and protect it from destruction, saving time with new advanced technologies and increasing profit. Also helps in controlling from their home in auto mode and protect farmers from skin diseases.

Hoverin Aerospace is in way of providing precision farming. You can get updates and track your crops in real time world with more accuracy. We are providing all these benefits for farmer's growth.

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