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Making Agriculture Drone Fully Autonomous with AI

Who We Are?

Hoverin Aerospace Pvt Ltd is a UAV-based startup in Awadh of Uttar Pradesh India, furnishes drone-powered solutions for the private and public sectors. Backed with accuracy, cost-efficiency, and consistency, our high-quality Geo-Spatial solutions will benefit clients from diverse sectors including scanning and spraying for Agriculture, Sanitization for Medical, Surveillance for defense and other sectors, power lines, and chimney inspection for the industrial sector.


Apart from this, we provide vernacular android apps and web dashboard for customer with crop calendar and graphical view of scanning. With expertise in Drone Technology, we believe our Aerial service personnel, functional equipment, and software to remain unsurpassed. Bestowed as the 'Best Drone Company 2021 by India Today, we continue to be the fundamental solution for next Generation.


Our mission is to assist our customers to fully understand, maintain and protect their most valuable assets. Quality is our first motto; Customer satisfaction is our goal. To cater this, we are equipped with the latest aerial technologies in the market.


Working as a team has been found to foster creativity and it's paramount to brainstorm to come up with solutions. To have diversity, there will be new ideas, new perspectives of business, and hence more chances of success. We work to maximize effectiveness in the company and raise morale, creativity, planning, efficiency, initiative as well as learning. We people are targeting to access our product in each and every sector including remote areas.

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